Beauty Choosing the right barber chair

Choosing the right barber chair

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No professional hairdresser can function well without the right equipment. The basic piece of furniture that must never be forgotten is the barber chair. Due to their wide range, it is necessary to draw attention to a few extremely important functions that must be met by a professional chair present in most barbershops.

Features of an ideal hairdressing chair

First it is worth noting that the chair should be chosen in agreement with the hairdresser. First of all, because it must improve his work or at least not interfere with it. Surprisingly the fact that the customer is sitting extremely comfortably or whether the chair fits the décor it’s not that relevant.

The price and the choice of the chair

Unfortunately, many barbers pay attention primarily to the price of the chair. It may be significant, but it cannot be dominant. Otherwise, it will be of lower quality, it can be damaged or worn off more quickly, making it rather dysfunctional. Additionally, the aspect related to the attractiveness of the chair will also be lower. Therefore, let the barber seat become an investment that will return relatively quickly.


Hygiene is key

When selecting a particular chair model, it is essential to pay attention to issues related to hygiene and the possibility of maintaining order. In this case, particular attention should be paid to the type of material that the seat is made of. The wrong solution is to choose a fabric upholstery. The main disadvantage is that cleaning it takes a lot of time, and sometimes requires additional chemicals. As you know during the work, the barber cannot afford to take extra time to clean the chair after each client.

Additional functions

Today, a barber chair is not meant to serve only as a place where the client is sitting when the barber provides the service. First of all, he has to improve his work. It is also worth equipping your shop with chairs that are adjustable in height. In addition, chairs that have armrests and headrests will improve the comfort of customers substantially.

The color

The colors used in the barbershop play an extremely important function. The colors affect not only the mood, but also the impression that the place can make on us. The colors used in the case of furniture are also a complement to the overall color scheme. Choosing the color of the chair, it is worth considering whether the furniture is complementary to the interior through subdued colors, or emphasize the modern character through contrasting connections. Manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of styles and color pallets, so we should not have a problem with choosing the dream color.

The design

nWhen it comes to the design of the barbershop, we should also consider the choice of the right type of chair. We can choose from minimalist, classic or modern constructions. Style is achieved thanks to shapes, materials and finishing. Vivid colors, non-standard shapes and chrome trims allow you to maintain a modern style. Straight lines, devoid of decorations are dedicated to minimalist interiors. However, for rooms where we want to maintain a prestigious character, there are armchairs referring to traditional chairs with rich decorations.