Translate 5 things that matter when choosing a translation agency

5 things that matter when choosing a translation agency

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Companies today might be on the horns of a dilemma when choosing professional translation services. First of all, there are a plethora of available options from machine translation and translation software to individual translators and finally an astronomical selection of small and big translation agencies. The last option is very often considered by companies, as it guarantees a timely and professional completion of commissioned projects. There are, however, a few factors that one has to take into account when choosing a translation agency.

Ease of access

While we do live in the era of internet communication and everything can be consulted and discussed over the web, personal contact still holds great value. A conveniently located translation agency; one that can be visited accordingly (even on a daily basis if need be), can be a huge asset. Whereas most projects are rather self-explanatory, some require extra monitoring or consultations with an expert (a lawyer, engineer or doctor of medicine, etc.), because translators are rarely capable of knowing everything. Finally, an online platform for sending in projects to be translated is essential.


Always choose the translation agency that provides the highest possible service. This can be checked via different channels, including recommendation, opinions on the web, testimonials, and reviews in professional magazines. A background check on the translators’ education is also a good idea. Dedicated translators never stop training and learning, and they constantly expand their skills.


Professional affiliations

If the agency focuses on a specific type of translation (i.e. legal translation), it is crucial to choose one with a wide range of contacts. If the agency is in constant cooperation with an army of lawyers, prosecutors and judges, there’s a very good chance that the translation will be done properly and you do not have to worry about anything.

Reasonable prices and time keeping

Whether it is everyday groceries or professional services, the price is always of crucial importance. An effective translation agency is not one that charges you a bomb and delivers acceptable translation, but one that delivers exceptional work and does it for a decent price. One important factor is transparency. Upon signing the contract, the client should be informed not only how long the translation will take, but also how much it will cost, and what could potentially inflate the cost. Being honest and delivering the job on time is essential for any agency to acquire loyal clients. Also stay away from agencies that deliver impossible translations within a few hours. Always be realistic, and remember that translators are humans, not machines.

Confidentiality and data protection

Very often company translations include confidential information such as financial information, company secrets, and policies, as well as personal data. Professional translation agencies should take every necessary step to protect this information from leaking out or being handed over to unauthorized parties. Pick a translation agency that has a clean record and a reputation for being professional.