MakeUp How to Wear Liquid Lipstick Like a PRO?

How to Wear Liquid Lipstick Like a PRO?

Liquid lipstick – the current number one hit in the makeup world – has its undeniable advantages, but it may show some disadvantages too. On the one hand, it is bold, long-lasting, and it won't come off while you're drinking, eating or kissing. On the other hand, it can dry out your lips or bleed onto skin around them, but only if you apply it incorrectly. Here are some simple rules to obey and techniques you should try out. Wear you liquid lipstick like a pro!

Part One: Preparing Your Lips

  1. Exfoliate your lips. Basically, they should be a smooth canvas for your lipstick, so the scrub, toothbrush or a washcloth might be useful.
  2. Use moisturizing lip balm. As we have already stated, liquid lipsticks may be drying and they can harm your lips. To keep them hydrated, remember about applying some lip balm at first. To extra protection reach for wax based (for example beeswax) product.
  3. Apply a highlighter on your cupid's bow. It is the curved area placed above your upper lip. Just a small amount will do. If you want to, you can add a bit of shine around your lip line in other areas as well. Highlighter reflects the light and provides a natural look, but use it carefully.
  4. Apply concealer or invisible lip liner. This will prevent the liquid lipstick from flowing out of the mouth contour in spite of hot or humid weather conditions. Makeup sponge is better choice than brush while doing it.
  5. *Line your lips (one more, optional step). It is not necessary, but it will help you define the shape of your lips. You don't have to line them all around – applying a product just on cupid's bow area might be helpful as well.

Liquide lipstick

Part Two: Applying Liquid Lipstick

  1. Start with filling your bottom lip. Begin with the outer corners and then move downwards to the bottom edge to line your whole lower lip. At the end fill it with just one swipe.
  2. Press both lips together. Thanks to this some of the color will transfer to the upper lip.
  3. Go to your upperlip. Line the edge of the cupid's bow and move carefully to the outer edges. It takes time and patience, but the results are worth it. Press your lips together one more time.
  4. Use some tissue paper. Blotting your lips on some tissue paper provides a matte look and allows you to get rid of excess product.
  5. Correct any mistakes with a cotton swab. Dip it in a cold cream for a good effect. The truth is, liquid lipstick may be hard to remove if you make any mistake. They stain the skin pretty quickly and they live unsightly marks on the skin. Focus on correcting any defects immediately by using a cotton swab and a cold cream. The area around your lips must be completely clean and flawless.

Part Three: Removing Lipstick

  1. Use textured makeup wipe and a remover. It is the best way to change the shade or just take the product off.
  2. Apply more lip balm. It will restore any moisture that has been lost.

Please note: The most important rule about applying liquid lipstick is to act with moderation. You don't need a lot of product – such lipsticks are so pigmented that one swipe is enough. If you tend to exaggerate, clean off the wand on the tube right before putting the makeup on.