Beauty What to look for in a barber?

What to look for in a barber?



Not all barbers are made equally. Anyone who has been to a bad one knows about it. But what really makes a barber truly professional and trustworthy. The following fourteen tips will help you recognize a barber before the first meeting.

Personal advice

Good barbers listen to what you want and realize it. They also provide you with expert knowledge and can give tips on your haircut. A professional barber does not have a "standard hairstyle".

Perfect technique

In order for every client to get the best hairstyle, a good barber must master many techniques. He improves through solid education and then continues his development throughout his career. There is always room for improvement.

Paying attention to bone structure and head shape

A good barber can observe the shape of the head and can eliminate the haircuts which just do not "work". A professional barber can also identify individual bone structure in order to make the haircut expose the most beneficial aspects of one’s individual features.

Paying attention to the natural growth of hair

Each head is different, and hair grows differently. A great barber recognizes the natural growth of hair and can coordinate their work on it. The hairstyle then matches your own growth pattern.

Emphasizing the features of the face

Generally, this means: A good barber does not only cut hair that suits the face. He chooses a hairstyle or changes the hairstyle to make the most of your face. He takes the shape of the head, hair growth into consideration and the chooses technique to work together perfectly.

A good barber cuts hair so that it can be stylized with little effort

Extravagant hairstyles are great for special occasions, but in everyday life, you want to fix your hair quickly and easily. A good barber can create a solid background for you so that you do not have to spend an hour a day to look presentable.

A good barber knows "the right length"

When you go to the barber, you do not want the hairstyle to "grow" after some time. You also do not want to cut your hair every day. A good barber can estimate the ideal length and make the right decision.

Cuts not sells

One of the services barbers provide is promoting and selling hair care products. However, this is not their main job. What is more important is their craftsmanship. Their achievement is not to sell cosmetics, but to provide a comprehensive hair cutting service that the customer will be satisfied with. 

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A good barber never stops training

Like any master of the craft, a good barber does not rely on the assumption that he has learned something once. He continues his education and regularly practices to keep his creativity and manual skills.

A good barber exudes peace and certainty during cutting

You can often recognize a master barber just by watching him. He will calmly do his job and make clear decisions. He knows what he does - through experience and regular practice.

He can make you feel relaxed

If a good barber stays calm while cutting, it also affects the client. During the visit to a barber, the client can relax and make the expert easy. A visit to a barber is like going to the spa or for a massage. It is a relaxing time just for you and your scalp.

A good barbershop passes without frills

A barbershop should also be quiet and peaceful. Since the main goal is to feel secure and get professional treatment, a barbershop cannot by any means look like a circus. Vibrant colors and a bright extravagant décor may act as a deterrent for potential customers. A professionally equipped barbershop is much more important because it shows the level of professionalism and not the shocking capacity.

A barber has HIS style and is always loyal to it

Good craftsmen and artists develop their own style over time. Barbers learn with time what they do best. If you recognize a barber’s work on his clients it means he has his own style.

A good barber convinces with performance, not conversation

Last but not least, a barber is not a comedian or a salesperson. Conversation is important, but at the end of the day, you want to come back home with an amazing haircut.