Beauty Reasons to Switch to a Single Patient Engagement Solution

Reasons to Switch to a Single Patient Engagement Solution

It can be challenging these days to find a healthcare organization with a unique patient engagement solution. Many organizations have had to purchase multiple solutions to service their customers. To solve patient problems, organizations will buy a range of software solutions such as bill pay, event management, patient education, and medical records access, among others. While this can help in the short term, challenges can arise moving forward. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of switching to a single patient engagement solution.

Respecting Patient Opt-In Preferences

Respecting a patient’s messaging preferences is not easy when you’re using multiple patient engagement software solutions. The leading cause of this is the lack of interface functionality between these systems, such as an organization’s patient messaging, bill pay, patient portal, patient scheduling software, etc. Most patients want to decide for themselves whether they opt-in or opt-out of receiving specific messages from a healthcare organization. When you’re working with multiple patient engagement solutions, it becomes difficult to respect a patient’s preference because the systems are not synchronized. This experience can be discouraging for patients, and most importantly, it can be the cause of serious legal issues for an organization if they don’t respect a patient’s decision. On the other hand, with a single patient engagement solution, the customer can select their exact messaging preferences with ease.

Improved Communication with Patients

When an organization is employing multiple patient engagement solutions, the systems cannot speak with each other, and this can have a negative impact when it comes to communication. Patients are not indifferent as to how they receive notifications from organizations. When the systems are improperly synchronized, it can become a very frustrating experience. Some patients prefer an email notification over SMS, while others might have acquired a new phone number recently, forcing the account to update this change manually for all the relevant systems. Another patient may be bothered by receiving several messages on the same subject matter or messages sent at inconvenient times. These annoyances can tarnish a brand’s image and perceived competence. All this frustration can be mitigated by using a single patient engagement solution that maintains a streamlined policy for communications, which adhere to stated preferences. As a result, patients will be more engaged with the messages they receive and satisfied with the service.


A single “pane of glass”

A single patient engagement solution offers a straightforward user interface to an organization’s systems. By using multiple systems, patients are forced to maintain multiple logins and learn how to navigate various user interfaces.

Saving Money

Maintaining multiple systems from several vendors over a long period is costly and inefficient. While a single patient engagement software may be more expensive in the short term, in the long run, it provides a much higher ROI than disparate solutions, making it much more profitable. .

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